We currently have a few spaces at St Matthew’s – if you would like to find out more please contact us on 01932 863212 or email on the address below.


Friday 28th June 2024 at 9.30am

Please email if you would like to book for any of the above or to find out more information.

St. Matthew’s is a small, caring Christian school with high standards. We have a pupil admission number (PAN) of 30 in our reception class and also provide two permanent teaching assistants.

All applications should be made using the Surrey Online Admissions System together with our Admissions Policy. However, if you wish your application to be considered under one of our faith or sibling criteria, then please complete a Supplementary information Form and return it to St Matthews. Please see links below.

If you have any queries please contact us either by telephone on 01932 863212 or email:

Surrey County Council Admissions

ADMISSIONS 2025-2026

St Matthew’s Admissions Policy 2025-2026

St Matthew’s Sibling Supplementary Information Form A

St Matthew’s Church Supplementary Information Form B

ADMISSIONS 2024-2025

St Matthew’s Admissions Policy 2024-2025

St Matthew’s Sibling Supplementary Information Form A

St Matthew’s Church Supplementary Information Form B


If you wish to apply for a place at St Matthew’s as an in year application (which means they are already school age and you aren’t applying for a place at the normal time of entry), please follow the link below to find out more information on how to apply.

As we manage our own in year admissions, please email us directly on regarding a place and also fill out the CMA form from the Surrey County Council website below. Parents will be notified of the result within 10 school days if possible but 15 at the latest, giving reasons for refusal if unable to admit and a right of appeal.

If you have a sibling or would like to enter through faith criteria, please fill out forms A or B above and submit along with your email to us.


To make an appeal, please follow the link below to Surrey County Council which will explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

If you would like more information, please email or telephone 0300 2001004.