Children Working Together

School Council

Pupil voice is very important at St Matthew’s and children contribute their ideas regularly to many aspects of school life.

All classes take part in whole-school circle time in mixed class small groups to talk about what is important to them. Examples of what they discuss and make decisions on are:

  • Which Charity to support as a school
  • Creating a whole school play charter
  • Choosing playground resources
  • Ideas for inclusive games

School Council members are voted in to represent their class and school council meets with other infant school councils to share ideas across local schools and to help carry out ideas agreed.

Eco Council

We are proud to be an Eco school. All children contribute to our Eco school awareness and efforts, including growing food on our allotment, not wasting resources, saving energy and recycling.

Eco Council represent their class during events such as “Switch off Fortnight”.

What is Eco-Schools?

The Eco-Schools programme is the largest sustainable schools programme in the world. Currently, the programme is running in 43 countries around the world, involving 27,000 schools, 6,000,000 students, 400,000 teachers and 4,000 local authorities.  Keep Britain Tidy run Eco-Schools in England, there are currently over 12,100 schools registered, over 55% of schools in England!

The Eco council is a special kind of council, designed to help the school help the environment. It is made up of two elected pupils from each class who meet with the ECO Leader to discuss and plan how to improve our own school environment and that of the wider world. The representatives hold class reviews of their meetings to keep everyone informed of their plans. We also follow campaigns run by @The Pod’ such as ‘Switch off fortnight’ & ‘Waste Week’

Following a rigorous application and assessment process we were first awarded our Green Flag in 2012 and our application is reviewed every two years followed by a visit by an Eco Schools assessor.

We have a school code which is;

Save Electricity, and

Take care of our world.

Make sure you switch things off,

And keep our school clean!

Try and use paper wisely.

Try not to waste things

Help to reduce, Reuse and recycle…

Everyone working together!

We love our world…

So treat it with respect.

Buddy Scheme

At St Matthews we have a playground buddy system where older pupils look out for their buddies and enjoy getting to know each other, developing social skills and friendships. Buddy playtimes are great fun and strong friendships are formed.