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5k / 10k Run - 21st May 2017



The sun shone, and the 5k/10k run was a huge success. A fabulous morning starting out on the common, then running down to Bookham Common and back again. A mix of elite athletes, parents, fun runners, children and even a dog! The whole school community and beyond coming together for our charity run. The final figures for the run and the sponsored walk combined have now been finalised raising £2305 for the school. Thank you all for your support.



[Click on images to enlarge]


dsc00248 dsc00249 dsc00250



dsc00251 dsc00252 dsc00253



dsc00254 dsc00255 dsc00257


The 5K winners


dsc00258 dsc00259 dsc00262



dsc00263 dsc00264 dsc00265



dsc00266 dsc00267 dsc00268



dsc00269 dsc00270 dsc00271



dsc00272 dsc00273 dsc00275


The 10K Winners






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