Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent Statement

 Through a progressive, broad, exciting, and meaningful curriculum, we aim to equip all pupils with the key knowledge and skills and a growth mindset that enables them to develop to their own full potential so that they are ready for a successful transition to Key Stage Two when they leave St Matthew’s.

Our curriculum is relevant to our school location and history, using our locality, church and community links so that it provides meaningful and relevant learning experiences.

Our school curriculum is underpinned by our vision for every child to achieve well and is underpinned by our values, which aim to develop positive behaviours for life-long learning and responsible citizens. We aim for pupils to develop a growth mindset that embraces learning and challenge, and for pupils to develop self-evaluative skills as learners and to develop resilience.

Our ambition and expectation is for all pupils to achieve well from their individual starting points, enabling them through a carefully researched, sequenced curriculum to progress year on year, developing long-term memory as key concepts are revisited – progressively knowing more, remembering more and able to use more of their learning. We aim for pupils to be able to develop a depth of learning, making connections and building on previous learning, growing in confidence as learners who ask questions and seek answers about what they are learning.

Lessons in the curriculum are carefully planned and differentiated so that they are successfully adapted for any pupils with SEND and are appropriately challenging and ambitious for all pupils, including the more able.

Our curriculum is broad and ambitious in content and progressively builds on previous knowledge and skills as the children move through the school so that they are confident and ready for transition into Key Stage Two when they leave St Matthew’s.

Reading is at the heart of our St Matthew’s curriculum so that pupils can develop as successful, fluent readers who have a love of books and reading, giving them the best start in their educational life. Vocabulary development is a high priority across the curriculum so that pupils can develop comprehension skills and the ability to articulate and enrich their learning in different subjects.

Our curriculum maps show the knowledge and skills to be gained at each stage and knowledge webs set out the key information for a topic with the relevant subject concepts, knowledge categories and key vocabulary. Each subject sets out what we want pupils to know and be able to do at each stage in their learning journey – do explore on our Curriculum Subject Tabs. We have carefully chosen our curriculum provision by subjects to ensure that children develop the knowledge, understanding and skills that will enable them to achieve well against end of year expectations.

Curriculum by subject and scheme used

Reading / Phonics – Little Wandle Revised Letters and Sounds

Spellings – Spelling Seeds (Literary Curriculum)

Writing – The Literary Curriculum

Maths – Power Maths and Mastering Numbers

Science – Kent Scheme of Work

PSHE / SRE – Jigsaw and NSPCC PANTS resources / School Values

Music – Charanga /Out of the Ark

RE – Understanding Christianity / Guildford Diocese Units, including other religions

ICT – Project Evolve: E-Safety (both for KS 1 and EYFS),  Teach Computing (KS 1), Barefoot (EYFS)

History and Geography – Chris Quigley

Art and DT – Chris Quigley

PE (in EYFS)- Get Set 4 PE

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