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School Clubs

Breakfast Club:

St. Matthews offers a daily breakfast club from 7.50-8.40am. The children are offered a choice of cereals, toast and juice.

The cost of this club is £5.00 per session. We take termly bookings but also offer adhoc sessions if booked in advance.

After School Care Club:

St. Matthews offers an after school care club from 3.15pm – 6pm, Monday – Thursday.  If a child is attending an activity club after school, they can join in with after school care club at 4.15 when their activity ends. We offer a choice of sandwiches, fruit and a drink for tea.

The cost for afterschool club is £12.00 per session and needs to be booked termly as it gets full quite quickly.


In addition to Breakfast and After School Care Clubs, St. Matthew’s has a wide range of after school or lunchtime activity clubs available to pupils on a first-come, first-served basis. These are:-

  • Tennis club
  • French club
  • Athletics / Multi Sports Club
  • Chess club
  • Football club
  • Street Dance
  • Gardening club (Summer term)

From Year One, children are able to have piano or guitar lessons at school provided by an external peripatetic music teacher who visits the school on Mondays and Thursdays.

More information on any of our clubs and music lessons including costs and booking forms can be provided by the school office.

Here are some photos of our different clubs mentioned above:

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