Our Children

“Thank you for making my time at St Matthew’s fun!”

“ I loved it at St Matthew’s. I like the fact that the work was fun and challenging. I loved all my teachers, because they were kind and caring and they make lessons interesting, so I loved learning from them. I also liked the fact that it wasn’t a massive school, so it wasn’t too scary for me when I started. I quickly got to know everyone in the school and I enjoyed being able to play with children from all the other years. I made great friends at St Matthew’s, who I am still friends with now even though some of us are at different schools. My 3 years at St Matthew’s made me REALLY happy and I learned a lot. I will always remember St Matthew’s, because I had such a lovely time there.”

“St Matthew’s is amazing due to it’s size and facilities like the Rabbits and Otters Class canopies; the climbing gym in the hall; the bank in the playground; the toys in the playground and the playground itself. St Matthew’s also has a range of clubs like tennis and football. The teachers are a very important part of making everyone’s St Matthew’s journey so special by being inclusive; they make everyone have a role and are important in the class.”

“I enjoyed being at St Matthew’s, because moving from Nursery and going to a big school with people who were aged 10 or 11 would be quite scary if you didn’t know anybody.”

“The thing that was special for me at St Matthew’s is I made amazing friends and the teachers were so encouraging.”

This section provides news and activities from each class and allows staff and pupils to share their learning experiences through their images and written work.