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School Council and Eco Council

Welcome to our School Council and Eco Council page!

Please find some more information about both our School Council, as well as our Eco Council on this page.

Our School Council:
Our School Council meets regularly to discuss what we are doing really well in our school and how we can make our school even better. At the moment we have 9 children in School Council. We love School Council, because it makes us responsible to represent the voice of all the children in our school. We are expected to be role models at all times and follow the school rules such as showing respect as well as showing others what to do.

Our vision for School Council is:
Say the truth
To be the voice for all the children

Make sure our school is always a happy place
A happy school is a friendship school, just like ours
To be a role model
Try our best
Have ideas how we can make our school even better
Everybody works together
Work together
School Council is strong

We are very proud to be part of our School Council!



Our Eco Council:

What is Eco-Schools?

The Eco-Schools programme is the largest sustainable schools programme in the world. Currently, the programme is running in 43 countries around the world, involving 27,000 schools, 6,000,000 students, 400,000 teachers and 4,000 local authorities. Keep Britain Tidy run Eco-Schools in England, there are currently over 12,100 schools  registered, over 55% of schools in England!

We, the Eco Council, are a special kind of council in our school, as we are designed to help the environment. Our Eco Council is made up of three elected pupils from each class who meet with our Eco Co-ordinator in our school, Mrs Rook, every week, usually on a Monday or Tuesday. We discuss and plan how to improve our own school environment and that of the wider world. We as representatives hold class reviews of our meetings to keep everyone informed of our plans.

Following a rigorous application and assessment process, we were first awarded our Green Flag in 2012 and our application is reviewed every two years followed by a visit by an Eco Schools assessor. We are very excited about our process of reapplication.

Our school code is:

Save electricity, and
Take care of our world.

 Make sure you switch things off,

And keep our school clean!

Try and use paper wisely.

Try not to waste things

Help to reduce, reuse and recycle…

Everyone working together!

We love our world…

So treat it with respect.

2019 eco council

We love being part of our Eco Council!






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