Our Visions & Aims

Christ is at the centre of our school & Children are at the centre of all that we do

Our Christian vision and values are at the very heart of our whole school curriculum, underpinning teaching and learning as well as ensuring a strong, cohesive community that nurtures and develops happy, confident and successful learners. Our values are central to shaping attitudes towards learning and life in the community and they permeate the school environment and what we practise in school – in our daily work, interactions and relationships. With these values, our children are helped to prepare for their lifelong journey.

Let the little children come to me – start them off on the way they should go

– and they will spread their wings and soar like eagles

(Luke 18:16; Proverbs; Isaiah 40:31)

As Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, we have inclusive, open arms that welcome all children in the local community

As Proverbs tells us, Start them off on the way they should go, so our Christian values-based curriculum, with high standards of teaching and learning enables all children to succeed, to reach their full potential academically, spiritually, and personally by the end of Key Stage One, being ready to move on to their next stage in education.

As Isiah tells us, and they will spread their wings and soar like eagles, so we endeavour for our children grow in self-confidence and self-awareness of themselves as thinkers and learners now and for the future.


Responsibility     Friendship     Justice     Wisdom

Our Christian Values and British Values

Our school Christian values enable us to cover the British values of: Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Responsibility Friendship Justice Wisdom
Respect Love Truthfulness Reverence
Trust Forgiveness Peace Compassion
Care for creation Compassion Community Peace
Community Inclusivity Equality Goodness
Democracy Democracy Rule of Law Respect / Tolerance
Mutual Respect Celebrating Difference Individual Liberty Democracy
Rule of Law Mutual Respect Respect / Tolerance

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