Our RE curriculum is based on the Surrey Agreed Syllabus, statutory from September 2023, which is influenced by the Ofsted RE Research review, Worldviews – CoRE ‘The Way Forward’, Racial Justice ‘Lament to Action’, and ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Worldview is used as a way for framing how content is introduced – with a focus on lived experience (diversity), and personal worldview.

In keeping with the Agreed Syllabus, the RE curriculum coverage is not less than 50% Christianity and not more than 50% on other religions. Pause Days are part of the curriculum where there is dedicated time for the whole school to explore Remembrance, Easter and Pentecost.

We use the vision tool ‘Windows, Mirrors, Doors’ to build spiritual development – looking inwards and outwards, enabling personal reflection and impact of learning personally and as a community. windows mirrors doors RE-and-your-school’s-Christian-vision-v5.pdf

At St Matthew’s we use our vision and values to underpin the Re curriculum for our learners. Our RE curriculum aims to be tailor made and personal to our school community. As a whole school community, we consider each of our values and how we can apply them to our learning and our lives outside of school too. We talk about making wise choices to help us with our wisdom, what it means to be responsible and how we can show true friendship.

St Matthew’s RE Curriculum Sequencing and Progression St Matthew’s RE Curriculum Sequencing and Progression.docx

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