Rabbits Class

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We are the Reception Class.

Mrs Selencky is our full time Reception Class teacher. We also have three teaching assistants in Rabbits Class. Mrs Goulding, who works every morning in Reception Class and also does our lunch time sitting in the hall.  Mrs Willis, who works all day on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Ms. Dickinson, who works all day on a Thursday and Friday.

Here you will be able to find out some information about us:

Reception Class is where the children settle into school life, establish a love for learning and where the foundations for key literacy and numeracy skills are laid. It is a substantial and crucial part of every child’s ‘learning journey’ and lays strong foundations for their future educational success.

During their time in our Reception Class, we want our children to feel settled, confident, happy, challenged, as well as excited and interested to learn at all times, in order to make the most amount of progress and reach their potential. We aim to harness each child’s natural curiosity and motivation, and to capitalise on their strengths and interests in order to promote positive attitudes to learning.

We support our children to do their best and take part with everything on offer in a warm and supportive family atmosphere and environment, where everyone feels valued. We encourage all children to be independent, confident and resilient, and to develop effective communication skills. We make sure that the children are able to make connections, build relationships and become confident not only in themselves but also in their skills.

Through our broad and balanced curriculum, where play is the central feature, our children learn a wide range of knowledge and skills in our safe, secure, stimulating, well-resourced indoor and outdoor environments. We provide them with exciting new experiences and challenges and encourage them to develop their own ideas.

We use our knowledge of how young children learn best, when planning the different learning and development opportunities, which always focus around the needs and interests of each and every child in our class.

Our children engage in exciting, purposeful  and wide-ranging adult-guided and child-led activities, which are regularly assessed and reviewed, in order to make sure that they are constantly based around the needs and interests of every child, as well as not only develop their knowledge, skills, independence, confidence, and resilience, but also constantly move their learning forward.

Our role as adults is to teach, support, extend and stimulate our children’s learning through initiating and extending their experiences by interacting skillfully and sensitively with each child in order to scaffold, support and enhance their learning.

We strive to create and maintain a successful partnership with parents/carers, as we recognise, that together we can have a significant impact on a child’s learning. We also welcome and actively encourage parents to participate confidently in their child’s education and care in a variety of ways. We send out a weekly email to all parents/carers explaining what the children are learning about in all of the seven areas of learning for example Mathematics, Literacy/Phonics and topic work, etc.

In the Autumn Term, we have got lots of weekly topics, which relate to special events and festivals such as ‘the History of our School’, ‘Bonfire and Divali’,  ‘Road Safety Week’, ‘Poetry Week’, ‘Recycling Week and Switch it off fortnight’, ‘Christmas’ and topics that relate to  PSED/PSHE such as ‘Feelings and Friendships’, ‘Anti-Bullying Week’.

In the Spring Term, our topic is ‘Space’ and smaller topics related to festivals and special events such as ‘Chinese New Year’, ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ and the ‘Big Bird Watch’.

In the Summer Term, they are ‘Fairy Tales’ and ‘Minibeasts’. Our topics are however flexible and change depending on the interests of the children and their needs. Children are encouraged to bring in things to share with the class during ‘Show and Tell’ which are related to our topics.

We have planned several trips for this year. A trip to ‘RHS Wisley Garden’ and ‘the Look Out Discovery Centre’, where we take part in various Science activities, as well as having a ‘Teddy bears’ picnic at Gatton Park’ in the Summer.

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